fascial Stretch therapy(FST)

A half hour of hitting the pads with a coach. If you want to improve your boxing or just get the foundations down this is for you! 


  • Focused mitt work training

  • Improve boxing skill 

  • Cardio conditioning 

  • Hand-eye coordination 

FST™ is a unique, complete and complementary system of table-based assisted stretching. It focuses on the fascia and joint capsule as the key elements in achieving optimal flexibility, strength, performance and pain relief.

These sessions leave you feeling relaxed and decompressed!

  • Decrease or eliminate pain caused by tension and stress

  • Increase flexibility, mobility and range of motion

  • Increase strength and power

  • Improve balance and coordination




One on one or duet sessions available. Focused training based on individual needs to reach maximum results. Pilates apparatus available as a whole session or integrated into a workout mixed with other training. 


  • Training based on Goals 

  • Professional Personal Trainer

  • Based on your schedule 

Come reconnect mind and body with this hour-long pilates apparatus session. After flowing thru this session you will feel lengthened, toned, and ready for the rest of your day. 


  • Core Strengthening 

  • Muscle toning and lengthening 

  • Restorative

  • Therapeutic 

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