Rise Up COVD-19

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the gym re-open?

Governor Lamont (CT) announced that gym's were allowed to re-open June 17, 2020. We have taken state guided steps and have opened for business.

What are you doing to ensure proper social distancing?

Classes will be at 50% capacity (maximum of 4) for the time being and will most likely remain like this through the end of 2020. Keeping classes at a 50% capacity will ensure that there is a 12-foot distance between each person's designated workout station.

Do I need to wear a mask?

You do not need to wear a mask. If you do feel more comfortable wearing one, than you can. Workout stations will be 12 ft opposed to 6 ft to ensure proper social distancing for those who are choosing not to wear a mask.

Can I still get a unlimited pass if I had one in the past?

No, you can not get a unlimited pass for the time being. Rise Up is trying to ensure that we are following state guidelines, as well as finding more extensive ways to keep our members safe. As in studio classes have gone to a 50% capacity (maximum 4), we want to ensure all members get a fair shot to get into their respected classes.


How do I sign up for classes once I have a membership?

We have changed platforms from MindBody to Triib. Coach Bruce will set you up a account once you confirm your membership. Once your account is set up, you will sign a Rise Up membership contact before being able to sign up for your first class. You can find Triib on your Android or Apple app store.

Do you offer any outdoor options for classes?

Yes! Currently, we are offering a Saturday Boot-camp option for those who would like to workout outside. One of our esteemed members have graciously found us a open outdoor space where you can social distance well over the 12 ft that we already doing in the gym.

How many classes can I take a week?

For the duration of 2020 you will only be allowed to take three group classes a week.

What happens upon arrival?

Upon arrival, you will have your temperature taken. You will then either wash your hands or use provided hand sanitizer. From there your coach will instruct you on what to do next.

How do I enter the building?

For the duration of 2020, we are asking our members to enter through the back of the building (big red door behind building) and exit through the front door.

Can I still borrow equipment for boxing classes?

No, for the time being we ask members to bring their own equipment: Gloves, wraps, mats for core, etc.).

Can I bring a guest to a class?

No, for the time being no guests or walk-in's will be allowed in the building. If they would like to obtain a membership or do personal training they will need to contact Coach Bruce (owner).

How are you ensure cleanliness in the gym?

At the end of each day, the gym is deep cleaned (floors, bathrooms, equipment, etc.). Upon arrival members will be asked to wash  or hand sanitize their hands. From there, your coach will direct you to where you will be stationed for that days workout. To ensure no cross contamination, we ask members not to share equipment. What you pick will stick with you through the duration of your workout. If you do put equipment back during or after class we ask that you first wipe it down and than spray equipment with designated cleaning spray. We also ask that members bring their own equipment (boxing gloves/wraps, yoga mat for core, water bottle, etc.).

What happens if I come into contact with someone outside of the gym who tests positive?

If you come into contact with someone who tests positive, please follow state guidelines and quarantine for a period of 14 days. We all have to do our part to ensure the safety of all Rise Up members.

What can members do to stay safe?

Practice social distancing when able to both in and out of the gym. Make sure upon arrival you are washing your hands and at the end of a workout, cleaning down your equipment.

If I am a outside trainer, can I bring my clients to train at your gym?

Currently, we are not allowing outside trainers into the gym. We have in the past and hope to continue so in the future, but for now we ask that only trainers and members who work/come to Rise Up Fitness enter the building.

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